Energy Recovery Ventilators

Modern building today are built to be energy efficient, and tightly sealed for
efficiency. However, they can also trap indoor air pollutants. ERV is a system that
brings outside air indoor’s to improve air quality witout sacrificying energy
efficeincy. Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) delivers clean conditioned air, which
is very important as most peoples spend most of their time indoors. ERV is
engineered to operate quietly, as it expells inside stale air to the outside.

High-Efficiency Filteration system High-quality heat exchange core with high-quality filter screen, effectively removes most harmful substances and
odors in the air. The thin body is easy to install The body is as thin
as 20cm, which fully saves The installation space of the building,
and Provides a one-stop fresh air solution for Installation places
with limited ceiling height.

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