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Verdant  Vibration Isolators and Inertia Base has to be used beneath the mechanical equipment’s (such as Pumps, Air handling units, Chillers, Booster sets, Compressor, etc.) to improve stability and to reduce the vibration and noise transmission due to equipment start-up, operation and rundown. Welded inertia bases are designed according to ASHRAE
guidelines. made from structural steel C channels and reinforced with
welded steel bars each parts have welded brackets to install spring
mounts under them.


Provide more stability to the system.
Provides uniform weight distribution
Reduces the effect of external forces.
Works as local sound barrier.


Welded Structural steel perimeter frame
Thickness as required: standard members
are6” (150mm), 8” (200mm), 10” (300 mm), 12”
(300mm), 14” (350 mm) are available
Base sizes as required
Height saving welded – on steel isolators brackets
Welded- in reinforcing bars
Pre- located anchor bolts (optional)
Optional corrosion – resistant finish


Generating sets
Engine/Dynamometer Test Rigs
Refrigeration Plant
Pumps (Particularly Belt Driven)

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